Water pump for high suction
Delivery 100Feet over head tank.
Long service life
Low electricity usage.
99.9% pure copper winding
Thermal protection for homes, schools, restaurants and commercial users.

Peripheral Water pump for water tank,
Delivery 50Feet over head tank.
Low electricity usage.
For homes, schools, restaurants and commercial users.

Domestic Application

Bore Dia: 3”
Flow Rate: 50 l. p. m
Head: Up to 450 Feet
Voltage: 220Volts/50Hz

Commercial & Industrial Application

Bore Dia: 4”
Flow Rate: 380 l. p. m
Head: Up to 750 Feet
Voltage: 380Volts/50Hz

Other Custom Made Application

Form House
High Rise Building

Domestic Application

Bore Dia: 2”
Flow Rate: 270 LPM
Head: Up to 70 Feet
Voltage: 220Volts/50Hz

Commercial & Industrial Application
Bore Dia: 2” to 6”
Flow Rate: : 400 to 2280 LPM
Head: Up to 25 to 60 Feet
Voltage: 380Volts/50Hz

We offer ready-made plug & play type septic tanks, both for domestic & industrial users. These tanks are available in 500 Litters to 10000 Litters.

Suitable For:

Areas below the sewer line
Temporary wash rooms
Where direct sludge not allowed
Where sewerage system not available
Restaurants, Shop, office, house Basement
Rainy water evacuation
Construction sites, industrial CRP,
Waste water treatment plants.

Key Features:

◊ Less civil work ,installation within hours
◊ Auto water level controlled without operator
◊ Visual /Audio alarm in case of emergency
◊ Water Recycling for irrigation,
◊ Auto sludge removing arrangement without shutdown
◊ Complete system is Moveable site to site
◊ Many custom made feature built-in crusher,
above ground sludge collector, built-in screens,
oil & grease trap available

Up gradation facility of Your existing septic tank is also available

This is done with the help of high pressure water pumps, proper calculated Pipe lines and state of the art sprinkling system. The system is connected with a buried main pipeline with hydrants at predetermined intervals, and one or more sprinkler units are attached to pressurized water source. Water Sprinkler systems are classified into various types on the basis of their usage, covered area, amount of water to be sprayed.

Domestic Areas of Application

Commercial Areas of Application

Industrial Application

Fire Fighting System

Rain Guns for Wide Area Watering

Parts & Accessories