Waste Water Submersible Pump


Waste water drainage of industry, commercial buildings, recycling plants. Water Disposal stations in Housing societies, Municipal projects. Evacuation of rainy water, storm water, water line leakages, dams etc. Simple installation suits for Construction sites, Mining areas. Sludge removal from tanks, canals, drain pits & Irrigation applications


Easy to install, and carry. More water with less energy consumption Wide range, Flow Rate Up to 200 m3/h, Dynamic Head Up to 32 m. Can pump long fiber, solid up to 30 mm(subject to different model) Available in cast iron & SS versions for acidic environment

Clean Water Pump
Sludge Water Pump
Guide Bar Pump

Package Type Sewage Pumping Station


Areas below the sewer line Temporary wash rooms Where direct sludge not allowed Where sewerage system not available Restaurants, Shop, Office, House Basement Rainy water evacuation Construction sites, Industrial CRP Waste water treatment plants.


Less civil work, installation within hours. Auto water level controlled without operator. Visual /Audio alarm in case of emergency. Water Recycling for irrigation. Auto sludge removing arrangement without shutdown. Complete system is Moveable site to site. Many custom made feature built-in crusher, above ground.

Medium Pumping Station
Small Pumping Station
Large Pumping Station

Mobile Pump System


Quick water evacuation from golf grounds, road sides, runway areas, narrow pits.
Dengue and other water born disease protection program.
Recovery of lost materials like oil, chemicals, resins etc.
Settled sludge removing from bottom of tanks, pits, water channels without shut down.


Self-priming mechanism can lift small granular particles.
This system will evacuate small water puddles gathered at difficult locations with help
of nozzle without moving the pump.
No installation required, no hardware mounting required just tool free operation.
Sucks & stores dengue affected water in air tight storage tank to avoid larva transmission.
Due to skid design very easy to move, use and roll back.
Trolley mounted system great convince for mobile applications.

Long Suction Pump


Pump Peripheral Centrifugal Self-Priming

Pump Body: Cast Iron
Impeller: Brass / P.P.O. Plastic / Stainless Steel
Mechanical Seal: Carbon / Ceramic / Stainless Steel

Motor Single Phase Heavy Duty Continuous Work
Motor Housing: Aluminum
Shaft: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Insulation: Class B / Class F
Protection: IP 44 / Ip54
Cooling: External Ventilation

Jet Pumps
Mono Block Pumps

Pressure Booster Pump


Pressure boosters are ideal for water supply
systems, high rise commercial buildings.
Water circulation for HVAC plants
Fire fighting system, Hot water circulation.
Water supply schemes of Housing societies,
residential colonies.
Dying machines filling time minimizes
Industrial, dairy form and irrigation packages.


Energy saving and minimize maintenance cost
Water Booster reduces fluctuations in water supply system
Avoid water hammering and air pockets.
Ensures even quantity of water for all users even at peak.

Auto Fire Fighting System
Multistage Booster Pump
Skid Mounted Booster Pump

Pump Accessories

Special Impellers

Energy saving and minimize maintenance cost
Water Booster reduces fluctuations in water supply system
Avoid water hammering and air pockets.
Ensures even quantity of water for all users even at peak.

Guide Bar System

This system simplifies pump installation,
No loosening of old connections,
No tightening of screws, flanges
couplings etc, Saving time and
money during maintenance.

Special Non-Return Valve

Special flipper valves to avoid back water
of sewage system, Confirms the down
-stream flow of drainage Avoid re-pumping
of water at each operating cycle. Very
useful protection of basements against rainy

Water Level Switch

High quality float switches are available for
particular applications.
Switching the pumps and level monitoring make
more easy.
Non floating level gauges are also available for
accurate monitoring and control.

Pump Screen

These screens prevent clogging and trussing in pumping station. Sturdy low maintenance stainless steel design Avoid pump accidents and reduce maintenance. Eliminates unnecessary shut downs due to blockage.

Sprinkler System

Orchard Sprinkling System

Green Belts

Golf Ground

Lawn Sprinkler


Rain Gun

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