Pump Accessories

Special Impellers

Different types of impellers are available for 
particular applications.
Impellers made of Non –corrosive material like
SS, PTFE, Resins
Grinder pump impeller made of hard
steel for cutting everything.

Guide Bar System

This system simplifies pump installation, 
No loosening of old connections,
No tightening of screws, flanges
couplings etc, Saving time and
money during maintenance.

Special Non-Return Valve

Special flipper valves to avoid back water 
of sewage system, Confirms the down
-stream flow of drainage Avoid re-pumping
of water at each operating cycle. Very
useful protection of basements against rainy

Water Level Switch

High quality float switches are available for 
particular applications.
Switching the pumps and level monitoring make
more easy.
Non floating level gauges are also available for
accurate monitoring and control.

Pump Screen

These screens prevent clogging 
and trussing in pumping station.
Sturdy low maintenance stainless
steel design Avoid pump accidents
and reduce maintenance.
Eliminates unnecessary shut
downs due to blockage.
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