Pump Condition Monitoring / Protection Automation

This Monitoring system provides real time condition of pumping system. Which helps a lot to detect fault before it occurs in this way it saves down time of pumping system and Unexpected maintenance cost. Moreover it also provides the actual out-put of pump. There is no need to depute a person for data collection.


Water Storage Tank Automation

Our Automated water level management system monitors the water level in main tank, and top-up water from a water source. when the water level in main tank changes this information is monitored and sent to the tank view panel in terms of available Gallons or percentage. More over when they fall below the critical states. Buzzer will also indicated to warn user. Caution lights will also start blinking. SMS may also be sent if desired.


Drainage System Automation

This system is available in many sizes and versions but mainly there are two versions. The first one is prefabricated plug & play type version which contain tank with built in pumps, piping, screens, valves, sensors and Fully automatic control panel. This is a ready made system can be installed in hours and movable at any site. While the second version is customized drainage system for large waste water disposal stations. This system is designed and customized according to requirement of user.


Pressure Booster Automation

The pressure boosting system contains single or multiple pumps of different or same capacity placed between water source and users, along with pressure accumulators, well designed piping, pressure / flow monitoring sensors and Variable speed Pump drives.


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